Do you want more engagement on your Facebook posts?

I going to share with you ‘2 tips to Increase Engagement On Facebook For More Leads’ for business.

First, ask these questions to yourself – ‘Would I engage with this post? Has this post got some value within it. After you ask yourself these questions perhaps you find the answer and be honest.

Now I’m going to share 2 tips that are simple to increase your engagement ‘ Watch video below’

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The biggest challenge most people have is not sticking with it or give up after few days. Consisity is key to this method.

I explain the befits of posts you can share.

Adding Picture Quotes:

People love seeing quotes,  When you copy the quote in your status update field, add your own thoughts about that quote a couple of spaces down. This really helps with getting more exposure. People love seeing what other people think.

Fill In The Blank:

Let people engage with you by letting them share their perspective with you. Example: When I’m making my first 6 Figures in business I will _______. You be surprised what people interact with.

If you ask the right question with these you get great engagement.

Facebook Lives:

Uploading live videos in your status updates get higher levels of engagement, Likes, Shares, and comments. You can make all kinds of videos that will increase your overall engagement to get leads but Facebook are now giving live videos more reach. Don’t worry about how, what , when on doing facebook live because if you follow this training you be getting engagement which will lead to conversation and leads Facebook Live Training & 15 Page PDF 


The more engagement you get, the more your post stays up top in their newsfeeds…

The more you stay up top in their newsfeeds, the more the viral your posts go…

And the more exposure you get, the more traffic, leads, and sales you get

So be more engagement by Like, Comment and share other peoples post “if you like it” Show gratitude to others and they will respect you.

If you got any value from this post I appreciated if you share with others or comment below, I read all comments and reply back.

Until then have outstanding day

Chris Spriggs

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