Target Ideal Prospects In 3 Steps With Attraction Marketing

Do you struggle with using Attraction Marketing to target or connect with ideal people who fit your product and business ?

In today’s video we’re going to talk about defining who and how is your ‘Target Ideal Prospects In 3 Steps With Attraction Marketing


1. Determine who is your  target market. One of the biggest mistakes people make is  they go after everybody but if you use this system of  prospecting  you end up  with nothing because you haven’t target your niche. Its like someone trying to sell cakes to a fitness coach they highly likely to buy !

2. Put yourself in mind of your prospect – So ask yourself…

What are they looking for ?

What are they searching for in google? Use free google keyword tool for keywords ideas, this tool will show the keywords your using and how many visitors  to that keywords also this tool will show others keywords that are being search online. Great way to find out what ideal prospects are types in search engines online and I recommend using it !

What would be the problem / pain ?

If you are in health business what could the problem be, for example no plan of action or daily routine and you can solved this pain with a five day excise  programme or they can’t build muscle so you send them a diet with contains higher protein and carbs along with weights programme .

If your in a travel business there problem could be not affording a five star hotel or tips not to burn in sun then you might have packages deals were they pay 3 star rates for 5 star prices and natural sun location they can use with no chemicals in it . People are always looking online to find out answers to these problem or pains and you could have the answer .

Focus on the core problem your business solves and put out  content,  ideas about how to solve that problem – Key 

3. Pick a social  media channel/platform .

When you start marketing online or even been marketing online but still jump around ……STOP ! because this will only slow you down .

If your one of those people that jump around when new platform get formed you will not get any results or leads, master one strategy first with confidence and then build upon it. Because if you spend 10 mins on facebook just looking around , 5 mins on twitter and then start shooting a video you just waste time . So think what suits you right now .


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Until then have outstanding day

Chris Spriggs

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