Today i like to share some of a few things you can say a prospect while talking to them about your business / product .

Do you freeze up when you find a prospect and forget to say you wanted to say or even don’t know what to say ? Yes i know what your thinking….I’ve been there.

One of the reasons people struggle to recruit in their company  is they think it is about selling someone a product when the essence of recruiting network marketers  is about finding the right people who are open and positive minded people that want more in their life or finding out if your product solves that person problem and if it’s the right fit for them. You do this by asking the right questions and listening to what they reply with !

Watch video below and i will share some questions you can ask your  prospects.


I be honest, it’s taken a while to come to this because i used to overthink..then that leads to taken no action and wasting time !  So you  just need to keep it simple and talk but most of all listen to what they say. If you ask the right questions, the answers will be there.

Watch out for more video tips.

Till next time have outstanding day!



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