5 skills do you need to build a network marketing business ?

Are you struggling to build your network marketing or not knowing what skills you need to break down the wall and improve ?

1.Leadership –  is the skill that determines your growth and long term success. Leadership is what attracts good prospects to your business…Leadership is what determines how motivated your downlines are and what makes your business grow or die. So leadership comes in all shapes and forms

So leadership comes in all shapes and forms, but it’s not thinking I have the power it’s about working as a team and helping each other .

2.Marketing – Whether you are meeting people offline or online, you have to make your business attractive to people that know you and don’t. To build your network marketing business, you have to learn how to grow your business both in your warm market  and cold market .

The 1 rule to remember when you go and meet new people is: People buy you and YOUR BRAND. You are your own brand, so give and serve people also listen to them.


Watch video below and I give you other 3 skills you need  and talk about all 5 skills.

Jump to 1:32 to skip the ‘hello’s’

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Do you agree with the ‘5 skills do you need to build a network marketing business’ ?


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