Attraction Marketing Method – Simple 7 Steps to help you

If you are building a business online as you probably are, you have come across the term ‘Attraction Marketing’…yes?

What Is Attraction Marketing– is what it says on the tin,  a way of attracting people to you, rather than you chasing after them like becoming the haunted not the hunter. The attraction process involves providing information to people either in home business, prospective customers, people looking to start a business online or offline.

The focus is not mainly on promoting a product, but rather building your brand value. You, and the services and solutions, you are going to provide are the main attracting factors so attraction marketing is all about branding yourself.




Outline of the 7 steps method

STEP 1 – Brand YOU

The fundamental first step to Attraction Marketing is you must BRAND YOU

Just think about this for a minute, how many people are in your company… bet there are thousands of marketers trying to sell the same product as you! 

People join people not a bottle of a product or a name of the company, if you keep branding your products all over social media you will lose people because people don’t like to be sold things, they like to buy things but not sold.

So brand you by giving value out and solve problems ( You must be thinking, yes but how) Write down the benefits of your product or service you have and what does it do then find out who has the problem and put in front of them.

STEP 2 –  Define Your Audience

Who do you serve? Who do you want to be, and for what target audience?

A BIG piece of the Brand YOU ‘Attraction Marketing Method’ is… Who are YOU? What is YOUR Passion? What is YOUR Vision? What group of people do you want to impact?

STEP 3 –  Understand Your Audience’s Biggest Challenges

Once you define your target audience, take some time to research and write down their biggest challenges, problems, and pains.

The truth is there are lots and lots of people with those struggles. Once you have clarity on your target market, you’ll realize opportunity is everywhere.

Have a look at forums, look at groups on facebook (but not the spammy groups) ask questions to people and biggest tip – WHAT DID/DO STRUGGLE WITH AT START!!! Because we all did.


STEP 4 –  Create Content that Addresses Your Audience’s Challenges – VALUE & SERVE

Once you have done step 2  & 3 starts creating content around this problems.

This content can be in the form of videos, facebook posts, blog posts, Instagram pics & stories… this content can be FREE PDF downloads, how-to infographics, cheat-sheets, audios, interviews…

This content ideally EDUCATES and ENTERTAINS your audience simultaneously, and provides the solutions to problems they have.

STEP 5 –  Build a Relationship With Your Audience

This is one big problem many people don’t do and that is build rapport with people instead they just pitch them, how many times have you just been pitch??? I bet loads. Did you like it?

  • CONNECT WITH YOUR PROSPECT (yes, actually have a conversation with them like they are another human being via messenger, slack, skype, or on the phone… what a concept!      |
  • Uncover their Pain
  • Provide the Pain Killer

Build trust and get to know the person, put the answer in front of people each week and I bet they will come to you first the next time they need a question answered.

Continue to serve your audience daily. Once you do this Whatever business you’re in, it’s PEOPLE that are going to buy your products and services. You are in the ‘people’ business.


STEP 6 –  Uncover Their Pain & Provide the Pain-Killer

The best way to uncover each individual prospect’s pain is to connect and actually talk with them like I said in step 5.

Here’s the reality when it comes to taking the time to CONNECT with your TARGET AUDIENCE… (we’ll stick with our network marketing example to stay congruent, but this goes for  ANY business in ANY industry)…

Your MLM company wants you to talk about only ONE thing – their products & services… that’s ALL they care about. YOU promoting THEIR solutions to everything in sight with a pulse.

This is not the correct way to market because not everybody wants xyz, this is when attraction marketing method kicks in but done correct way.

Find out exactly want a person wants they provide the painkiller, for example, could be ‘ what tools to use building a website’, ‘what to say to cold market’ or daily routine online. When you do this way the floodgates will open for you and leads will come.


STEP 7 –  Embrace Multiple Income Streams & Make Money From the 90% Who Say NO

Have you heard the saying ‘never put all your eggs in one basket’ yes? The same goes online as well, if you just have one stream of income and that drys up what next?

You go out of business, Imagine if DIY store could only sell nails, it wouldn’t last few months. So for you!

Apart from your company what else do you provide, because the company only want you to sell their products and if you connect with other network marketers and already in business you come to the dead end road so what if you can help them attract more people to them use attraction marketing method?

Game changer, another stream of income, it will help them with business and add extra to you.

If someone was NOT interested in my specific business opportunity, but they already had a business, or were looking to start one… I knew that they would need to learn traffic, and how to make money with their business via the internet.

They all need traffic, leads to talk to so if you have the tools its a  game changer

So in theory, every single conversation you have with every prospect COULD make you money… and that my friend is a complete game-changer

When you use this attraction marketing method you can add so much value you peoples lives, your life and family life.

It’s helped me brand business online and stop spammy all over the place.But this into action and you see this difference in few months – year.

Hope you enjoyed the online of Attraction Marketing method and for more information on this click more information

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