How do you determine which social media best for you?

Do you get overwhelmed by social media and find yourself jumping around each  social media and end up getting overwhelmed and lost.

It’s impossible for a person to keep up with the constantly shifting platforms that make up our social media world today.

Promoting on social media marketing the right way  can build awareness of your brand, position you as  an influencer in your industry and most importantly you can give value , share experience to help others

Watch video below and I share what can work for you.

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As you seen you can be put off and lose track !! the joys of working from home, and press off button before I finished. !!

Find a platform that suits you around busy life because some social media platforms require more attention than others or you might get lost within them .

Do you get overwhelmed by social media

Do you get overwhelmed by social media

Like I mention in video if you’re trying to do everything you will burn out and end up with nothing so from my experience and the leadership I’m learning from……pick 2 social media platforms with a planned strategy master it till you have leads coming in then bring another strategy in play.

How do you determine which is best for you? Look at your product, competitors and resources:

  • What fits your  personality ?
  • Which one is the best match for your available resources?
  • What are you trying to achieve? For example, if you have to teach people how to use your product or sharing value videos might be best.
  • What are your competitors doing? If they have saturated your niche with blog-related content, maybe you could try a video series or podcast.
  • Where are your customers? What channels do they prefer?

As these questions and you find out which platform suits you . Brand yourself !

‘Do you get overwhelmed by social media’ ? I like to hear from you.

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