Why do i say everybody has the power ……This is why, the greatest power you have is your Mind. I’ve always used this term when i am coaching ‘ The biggest muscle in your body is the brain …. true ?

Because if this muscle fails will you fail ?  but the great thing about your brain is that only you are in control of it and know none else so use this muscle to the best you can do. Listen Learn,Take Action. Heard that before ..yes but it’s so true. This is one of the most common problems when network marketing online, people don’t think, don’t learn they just think it’s easy but the reality is that Networking online is like any other business you must think, listen, learn and take action ! Like I’ve said you have the power and it’s in you mind you must just separate the bad things you her about this industry  and follow your dreams.


I tell you a quick little story about myself and it’s 100% true, 16 years ago i fell ill and nearly lost my life with a brain hemorrhage and at the time the doctors said i would’t make the drive to next hospital but i did, doctors said next 24 hours but guess what i did after that i spent next 2 months in hospital listening , learning and taken action to walk, wash, and use my left side of body again and guess what……..i did because i truly had the power in my mind to do the rehab . Today i struggle but I’ve told my brain i will do it.

So what’s the little morale coming out of this little story, we all have the power to achieve anything in life if you want it that bad, just set small goals then the smalls goals will turn into one big goal and that will be your dream !

Don’t forget ‘ Everybody Has The Power To Make The Difference ‘ even you !!




 Is it way harder than you thought, & you feel like giving up?