Have you ever wondered how so many people in home business gain success and your just stuck in same place and they recruit / prospect well on Facebook ?

Well let me share a little tip i’ve learned from top leaders in the training system i use and help me gain some success.

The Do’s & Dont’s

1. Don’t use your company name and link – When you just use your company name on Facebook hoping that someone message you to find out or join you. You lose all curiosity. When you are quick to tell people what you are doing, there is no curiosity and they will re-search google for results and see the negative.

2. Do – Interact and socialize on fan pages because this is where you can meet people who have same mindset as you and outlook on MLM / Home Business . Reply to there post , like and if you interact add them as friend then message them.

3. Don’t – Message a person a long pitch introduction of your company and link in first message unless they ask for it. It’s pitchy and not professional, build relationship and see if you have a solution to their problem.

4. Do – look at what other people are doing in groups eg, posting links and do the opposite. Give value and share what works for you because if a person is just pitching in a group well he or she could be struggling for leads. This system is what i use which helps me with branding.

I hope this has help you, leave a comment and let me know.
Until then have outstanding day !
Chris Spriggs

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