After debating with myself over the past few days which method is the best why to get traffic to a website has really got me thinking !

Is it free traffic , paid traffic , PPC , Video blogging , Facebook , Twitter , Google+ and so on …. Well for my personal experience most of these ways are good. Think about it, how  many people in the world are using the internet ?


So here my tips and views on how you can get traffic to your website.


1) Article Marketing (free)

Here are some tips:

  • Create a summary about your article.
  • Needs to be between 300 and 500 words long.
  • Have your viewers learn and benefit from content.
  • Have a call to action at the bottom with your site link.
  • Some companies have a strict rules on how and what you say also if your designing your own image to put into article so have it approved by your company
  • Be honest and put your own spin on the article , use some humor as well , we all like a giggle !
  • Some sites you can upload your articles 


    There many more out there. A lot of people say to hire a professional ( lazy sods !)but my personal thoughts are that after a while people will find out by reading the content its not their own.


    2) Banners Ads (Paid)

    Banner ads is a great way to get traffic to your website / offer but as long as you have a opt-in to capture their email, other way your throwing money down the drain !

    This is one of the oldest ways to advertise online line which people doesn’t work anymore……..Wrong ! The biggest benefit of banner ads is that there are millions of ad impressions available every day, once you master this skill its very salable.

    A great site I use is –

    Stop and think…if you have a niche on making money online , who do you think needs it…….yes someone who wants to impress their date and what do they need MONEY !!!!!


    I got many more ways to get traffic, so if you want to know more opt-in at bottom of page to receive emails alerts when content is on.

    Also i be starting a Video series soon….that should be fun watching my face , so stay tuned .

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