Goal Setting Questions

Do you sometimes overthink goal setting or don’t set any up or plan ahead?

Nonetheless, goal setting shouldn’t be left to chance. Although there is nothing more basic in management than setting goals, it’s also one part that is often over looked as well. Especially if you have family and work from home like I do.

Watch video below and I share few questions you need to ask yourself when “Goal Setting Questions”

Mistakes To Avoid When Goal Setting

  • You don’t take enough time to think about what it is you really, really want.
  • You have too many goals.
  • You don’t put your goals into writing.
  • Your goal is far too big for you to achieve. You have not broken it down into smaller more manageable goals.
  • You don’t know ‘why’ you want your goal.
  • You don’t spend enough time working out the possible downsides to achieving your goal.
  • You don’t have a plan, an effective course of action.
  • You don’t take enough action.
  • You don’t think through or find, the resources that you need to achieve your goal.
  • You don’t go where you need to go, contact who you need to contact, get what you need to get etc
  • You don’t develop the skills you need.          Goal Setting Questions

You don’t believe:

‘This is Possible’

‘I want to do this’

‘I can do this’? 


The questions below will give you a solid foundation when setting your goals so be very specific and take time when answering them: 


  • What is the ultimate long term goal in your business? Be very specific
  • How long do you realistically think it will take to get there and why? Will it be 1 year, 2 years, 5 years etc
  • What do you want your business to look like in 90 days from now? eg, Leads per day, signups, income etc
  • How would your life improve if you hit your 30/60/90/! year goals? (Be very specific)
  • What are the consequences to ‘NOT’ hitting your goals ( Any be very specific) This question can really make you take more action because your answers but scare you!
  • What are you willing to give up to hit your goals?
  • What potential challenges will you face that could take you off the path to reaching your goals?



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