Are Mental Blocks Pain In The Neck ?

Hell yes !… We’ve all been there, staring at a blank screen, deleting endless drafts blogs, videos etc  perhaps pulling out our hair, as we scroll through our Facebook  ,and sometimes even cleaning our computer desk anything to pass the time and avoid admitting the  obvious – we’ve hit a block !

The truth is,  I’ve learned that overcoming mental blocks was key and the number one thing i needed to do to move on with most things. Watch video and see what i did to overcome my mental blocks . It can help you too !!

There many other ways you can overcome a mental block but i think getting some fresh air either by taking your dog for walk or getting some exercise outside works best. You recharge your mindset and ideas will start popping back into your mind or even just talking to someone .

Remember, you don’t have to get everything perfectly to get started, take this video …it’s not perfect but it’s a start just be positive and step outside your comfort zone.


Do you agree with me ? I like to hear what you do to beat a mental block ?

Leave a comment below and i connect back.

Till then have outstanding day