Have you ever wanted more leads from Facebook groups and struggled?

Facebook Groups – Yes I can relate to this and struggled to get leads from Facebook and I did this for a while without any success, Have you ever been in this situation? I felt frustrated and questioned what I was doing online, have you ever felt like this? If you have felt like this you’re in the right place to move past your problem

Facebook groups can be a powerful way for you to grow your business and increase lead generation as well.

There are two main ways to go about this: joining groups centered around your industry niche, or creating and growing your own Facebook group Both can be incredibly lucrative, and you can choose if one or the other makes you more comfortable or makes more sense for your business, but I actually recommend using both strategies for maximum results. Here my group

Facebook Groups are a great way to find, connect, and build trust with your ideal clients. Here’s how you can use them for marketing your business –

Add Value In Relevant Facebook Groups

Here is what you should do:

Step 1: Join upward to 5 groups relative to your blog, Facebook could block you for a short time or even ban you as you may come off as a spammer if you join loads of groups in a short space of time.

Step 2: Create a spreadsheet and in the spreadsheet, create two columns. One is the name of the group, and the second being the link to the group, this is key to track your progress

Step 3: DON’T just spam your links and leave, you just be like 95% of other marketers. ( Just have a look at what others are doing in groups) Replay to other posts and give thoughts back and give value in your post – This is also key

Step 4: Think of your ideas and think of groups where they will hang out, where are they looking? Where would they be? and interact with the correct people

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Facebook Leads _ Follow these steps

Create Quality Facebook Video/ Post Content

With that being said, a lot of gurus mention that you just need to ‘add value’. And it’s so true because once you give to people and be honest people will trust you and follow your blog post. post on Facebook, youtube videos, and so on

Once I started doing these marketing strategies my business grew, so if you haven’t put this strategy into your digital marketing I would highly recommend you do

Well, what the heck does that really mean and how do you add value correctly?

This took me months/year to figure out.

Here are 4 types of posts (also referred to as Content Themes) that add value to the members of a Facebook group:

(1) Educational or teachable content (for example, anything industry specific lesson you’ve learned and that you can teach).

(2) Inspirational content (for example, a rags to riches story or an underdog kinda moment)

(3) Social proof (for example, if you’ve hit milestones of say a certain number of sales done from your funnel, etc.)

(4) Entertainment (for example, stories or anecdotes that stir up emotional responses in an audience).

These are some of the strategies that you can use and attract people from Facebook groups. If you like to know more actions to get leads from Facebook groups and also attract the correct people, have a look at this 5 day challenge highly recommend it

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