How to improve your memory – Book recommendation

Are you finding yourself forgetting things or foggy mind fatigue in afternoon ?

Watch video below how this book can help ‘How to improve your memory’

Book – ‘ Boost Your Brain Power In 60 Seconds’ by Dr. Michelle Schoffro Cook

As I mention in video above Dr. Michelle Schoffro Cook , PhD, ROHP, DNM was involved in terrible car accident and she suffered a brain & spinal cord injury that resulted in cognitive impairment, partial  paralysis in her left arm, along with severe migraines  which a lot of people suffer  these days.

Using her expertise in natural medicine she improved her memory, cured the migraines and significantly reversed her paralysis . Which I personally think is huge results!

This is the reason for book recommendation because only after reading what I’ve read has blow me away and how our daily intake can affect us.  I suffered a brain injury 18 years ago

I suffered a brain injury 18 years ago and Doctors thought I wouldn’t make the 8-mile ride to next hospital so after taken medication for over 18 and still do I can see my memory forgetting things. This means going back to good old habits which will help in personal development with regards to nutrition and better lifestyle which I had few years ago. Because we all get into bad habits ….can you relate to that ?

There’s a 4 week brain health challenge where you can follow and also success stories on who has taken the challenge in her research.

If you like to have updates of the recipes and progress feel free to reach out to me .

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Chris Spriggs

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