How To Use The Law Of Attraction And What Is It ?

What Is Law Of Attraction –  is what it says on the tin,  a way of attracting people to you, rather than you chasing after them like becoming the haunted not the haunter. The attraction process involves providing information to people either in home business ,prospective customers , people looking to start a business online or offline.

The focus is not mainly on promoting a product, but rather building your brand value. You, and the services and solutions, you are going to provide are the main attracting factors so attraction marketing is all about branding yourself .


How To Use The Law Of Attraction

The_Law_of_Attraction_1 Your brand value is the one of the  key ways of network marketing to succeed  and therefore almost all successful marketers are using some form of attraction marketing. Implementing attraction marketing is much easier online these days like video on youtube and it has become the main technique of successful home entrepreneurs. Older techniques you can use is setting up of a website or blog  and provide value  to get visitors to site.

 Now, with attraction marketing, a targeted crowd of people is eager to visit the particular website. This means they are already pre-sold on the concept, and the visit will be mainly to buy or subscribe to the service you offer . 

What strategies can you use:

  • Your own branded blog – where you can give value and share your thoughts to other people in the same niche
  • Youtube – Use videos to show people that you are a real person, this way you build up rapport and trust with that person. I highly recommend using videos.
  • Facebook – There are billions of people on facebook and most people use a auto poster  to send content out in to hundreds of groups at a time but in my personal view  i wouldn’t recommend that because this could end up in FB jail. You should post your video or blog post in some groups within your niche and active in to build rapport , once someone likes, comment or share that post connect with them by message to strike up a chat. Connect with people 10 – 20 people each day.
  •  Instagram & Pintrest – are similar but great way to attract a following by posting articles from your blog , interesting quotes & pictures and even from other peoples blog so it gives them  exposure but always mention the other person name when using this way and it shows your willing to point people in right direction.

I also recommend Twitter and Linkedin but they are similar to what I posted above.  You can create a great following using Twitter which can grow quick – Free Twitter Training .

People are constantly asking questions, so be the one to answer them and give some value back thats what attraction marketing is about.

Everything that you are living right now you attracted into your life the good the bad and the ugly so be positive so to attract positive most of the time.

I use a training platform , It’s an attraction marketing system designed people like you and me to discover how use attraction marketing the correct way . To be honest i came across this platform about 2 years ago but I was new and knew nothing different but i wish i joined then !!! . So if your curious why not take a look here  .

If you got any value from this post I appreciated if you share with others or comment below, I read all comments and reply back.

Until then have outstanding day

Chris Spriggs

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