Information Overload


We all get information overload at some point but how do we overcome it ?


So what is information overload – this is when your brain is in one big state of literally so much information from so many different sources out there its causes confusion, inaction and indecisiveness!

What happens if you let the overload continue and don’t overcome it?

  • You be totally stressed out
  • Stuck in same place
  • Never get to next step
  • Miss out on real opportunities
  • You Never reach your goal
  • Or you stop and give up!






Let me tell you something……. I’ve been in this stage more than once, in matter of fact I was again in this stage few weeks ago. So how did I come through it you may ask?

Well my way of coming through it was taken a few days away from all information knock all my computers, IPad off and then after a day rethink my ‘goals’ that I wrote down when I started this online also a few nice walks with family and dog or just me with dog  to clear my head (This is key ).


When you overcome information overload

You will –

  • Feel more relaxed
  • Start taken clear action
  • More power to reach next small step
  • Take advantage that opportunities come by you
  • Most important help others!


Information overload is sometimes a habit off too much reading and not enough taken action. Another good way of reducing too much information is by setting up a time limit like a hour and have an alarm to let you know when time is up, once time up move on to taken action!