When your starting a home based business or any kind of business you must have Things To-Do list. You must think yea yea i know that, but how many of you actually  do it ? Well i  did a do list ….but never fulfilled the list , Why ? because i let things get in my way , went in a lull and tried jumping to one thing and another, never completed what set out to do, These are some of ‘distractions’ that you might come across.

You must stay  focused is very important when embarking on any kind of product/business. Staying focused helps to keep the individual committed to completing the said product in a satisfactory manner. Most times people allow themselves to be distracted and  the end results are never pleasing or even finished……..been there !!!

How do you stay on track and focused ? My tip- each time before you pack up your work make sure you write to do things before you leave you office / room. Because when you get to your computer you have the to-do list already laid out for you…..you must follow it ! Stay focused .