MLM- How to attract customers on facebook Part 2

Following on from part 1 when I talk about branding you and not your company within your Facebook profile wall.

Today video I talk about how to open up or start a conversation via Facebook messenger not on facebook wall / profile because I don’t think it professional and you give away your power of curiosity to everybody who reads  on your Facebook wall.

MLM- How to attract customers on facebook Part 2

Here the link I promise on MLM- How to attract customers on facebook Part 1 


How do you open or start a conversation ?

Simple because sometimes we do overthink it due to the fact ‘YOU’  want a customer for your product of opportunity not ‘THEM’  . Read that line again ! And I bet you overthink of a perfect lines or pitch to get them sign up from the start ? ‘DON’T’.

Just think and picture  talking to your friend and keep it simple like asking or saying – good morning ,good evening,  how are you , thanks for connecting this will get a reply because they are open end questions so build up a quick conversation .

How do I transfer into my product / business ?

When you gone through the opening set up of getting a nice conversation going then ask ‘What do you do’? This simple but effective question will open up the correct direction you want the conversation to go.  Find out their problem and dig further to see if your service , business , product can solve their problem and help them go further life or  to enjoy time with family.

Important, if there not problem or you can tell your product or business is not a fit or the person is not open to look ‘DON’T PUSH FUTHER’ because you will lose even a friend !


Question are the most powerful way to first find out if the person you speak to has a  problem which you have the solution for, find out if they are open to take a look at your home  business but build relationships as well because it may not happen in first message it could take five or six messages back and fore for that person to be open to take a look at your business because you build trust  between each other.

In next video ‘Part 3’ I will be sharing some tips on ‘what not to do’ and  how to transfer then into customers.

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