MLM – How to attract customer on facebook Part 3

Welcome to part three and final of the sequence of how to attract more customers on Facebook .

If you haven’t watched part 1 & part 2 I recommend you do, before watching part 3 because they are all in sequence and you understand  my philosophy and how to carry it  forward.

So in this video we going to talk about some thing’s not to do and how transfer  to customers by asking questions .

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What ‘not to do’ on Facebook

Don’t post your company name or  company picture/logo in your cover photo

Don’t spam groups with your products or links

Don’t pitch someone in your first message it’s a big no no,  because you will put them off straight away and you could lose not only a customer but also a friendship.

What ‘to do’ on Facebook

Show the benefits of your products by using before and after photos or the lifestyle you have and enjoy.

Keep the curiosity in your favour by posting  powerful  pictures , videos , quotes  fun stuff so when you start a conversation will automatically ask you questions as well.

Build a friendship and rapport with a person and get to know their needs and pains by  asking them simple but powerful questions .

Creating custom images in canva , this website I personally use with few others.

These are a few points you need to take into consideration when using Facebook or any social media when using Facebook to attract people and future customers to you.

How to transfer a person into a customer ?

This question I searched for a long time and was looking for the magic script but after learning the skills and fundamentals I found out there is ‘no magic script’  because  the magic script is ‘you’. You speak the words that will help others !

Don’t worry, this isn’t about adopting techniques. But you can use powerful and simple questions  to find out the person pains and needs in their life ‘If your product is a fit for them’ . You only learn this skill by learning and testing.

These few lines I’ve had from Networking times website and thought it was spot on .

Closing isn’t convincing someone to do something they don’t want to do. Closing is helping someone who has indicated they want to join your business, but still has trouble overcoming their fears.

When talking and asking questions show some of your own personality and be unique because this will then come through the way you are and if your sharing a way to solve their problems and they can relate to your personality they then will trust you, this will go a long way in the future !

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Until then have outstanding day

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