MLM Mindset – Who Are You When No One Looking


Do you struggle with mindset or even do nothing when your alone and no one looking ?

I’m going to share what I learnt from a powerful wake up call within the attraction marketing platform I use and it  got me thinking about this topic.

First you need to recognize what your mindset is – positive or negative, offensive or defensive. Be honest with yourself.

Your  mind is the strongest and biggest muscle in your body and you feed it everyday , but what with Positive or Negative thoughts ?

When No One Looking

So what’s this got to do with doing nothing when no one’s looking, because if you have a positive mindset you will follow your:

  • Daily routine
  • To Do List
  • Don’t Complain
  • Take Action
  • Don’t Second Guess
  • Doesn’t Waste Time

If you have a Negative mindset you might be following this routine of thinking :

  • No daily routine
  • To much of list and overloaded
  • Complain of not having time
  • Doesn’t take action
  • Second guess what your going to do
  • Waste time by doing ‘busy work’ that leads to nothing, eg checking email , facebook , twitter .
  • Lack self belief

This all plays a part in Who Are You When No One Looking‘  because this is what you do when on your own in eg House , Office etc.

I explain In video below-


When your in your home and there work to do like blog post, video , replying to messages , connecting with new people or leads but instead you watch a movie or watch reality TV shows. From my experience this show you need to work on mindset and temptation of things that are  easy not to do !

Daily life sometimes get’s in way of your dreams , goals and daily routine but when you have available time to   move forward ‘ Don’t waste it ‘ , work on the positive points above and you will see the growth in yourself and business.

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So Who Are You When No One Looking ?

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Until then have outstanding day

Chris Spriggs

Me away close up

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