Are you overthinking ? 

Do you suffer from overthinking when trying to create a video , blog post or even reaching out to people ?

Well I can relate to this because this has happened to me and I used to overthink things a lot and it held me back in ways that weren’t fun at all and stop me processing in my Home Business and just Life ! I’m going to show you how to stop you overthinking and start taken some action in few simple mind steps.


Lets start with why ‘are you overthinking’ , is it because Overthinking

  • You don’t have the results of about this topic
  • You don’t have the results in MLM / Home Business yet
  • I’m not good enough to talk about this topic
  • Your too shy to do video’s
  • What will people think of me ?


Do you overthink every little problem until it becomes bigger and scarier and it actually is. Overthink positive things until they don’t look so positive anymore? This will hold you back or even make you ‘Quit’ !


In this article I would like to share a few tips/ habits that have helped me in a big way to simplify the way we overthink things and taking action.

Compare – Don’t compare yourself with the leaders in your company who been doing business much longer because you will but too much pressure on yourself . What you need to do is learn the problems of people and help them by answering the question. The more you do this the more people will see you as a leader !

Results – This will come by helping people out by showing them training system , results can also be …more leads , members , selling products, doing your first video/blog post etc. Tick off which result you want first and aim for that, my tip would be X amount of ‘Leads’ per day.

Watch the video below to see my thoughts and experience.

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  1. Stop over thinking everything. Don’t think about the results. Just think about your actions. Think about the very next step in front of you and take it.
  2. Don’t think negative thoughts. Don’t let your mind turn to a disaster call or the idea of a prospect laughing at you. Just think about just talking to them like you talk to a friend.
  3. Put too much pressure on yourself . From experience this is way people stop or even finish in their business. Just relax and enjoying your journey and learn from mistakes.
  4.  Trying to be someone else –  Like i said in video above, if you try and be someone who a well know person and copy how that act , speak word for word you leave your unique personality behind so be yourself and unique.

The minute you stop overtaking and start to take action, things will start to become easier and your daily routine will flow. You will look back and wonder why I was overthinking so many times !


If you got any value from this post I appreciated if you share with others or comment below, I read all comments and reply back.

Until then have outstanding day

Chris Spriggs

Me away close up

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