Network Marketing – Daily Routine

One thing I like  about Network Marketing and home based business is that you get to be your own boss and have full control over your time    The bad thing is you have full control over your time and no one is telling you what to do and this is where a daily routine comes in .

Running a  home based business have consistency  and to be honest I’ve struggle with this at first but learned a big hard lesson by not having a daily routine If this is something you don’t agree with or have it may be time to change your daily plan of action.  In today’s video  I’ll  share what i learned and help me to plan out a daily routine.

Once you pencil in the hours if your part time or full time then you can start setting up what you actually going to do  and what content . This is where some people struggle .

Daily Actions for your plan

  • Personal development on mind set training  30 mins
  • Important to exercise to increase energy flow to body and mind
  • Create video and blog post (If you do blogging, highly recommend it ) and upload it to the social media sites  (Give value)
  • Connect with 10-20 new people who are in your target market
  • Follow up with prospects and connected from day before
  • Look in groups or forums in your target market and answer question, create a audience and brands you.
  • Read a book to to increase  your knowledge ( this is good before going to sleep)
  • If new people either like, comment or share content , connect with them straight away

It’s up to you which order you do these action plans but put these into your daily plan and up be sure to see the difference. Also do over commit if you cant get the work done because this will add extra stress on to you.

If you do want to have a daily planner comment below or contact me on facebook and I be sure to send one over by email.

Until then have outstanding day

Chris Spriggs

Me away close up

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