Network Marketing – How to follow up by phone.

Do you get excited when you have new lead but then feel nervous with follow up by phone ?

I’m going to explain the basic things you need to do to put you at ease because the worst thing is being nervous or not even following up with the lead . How to follow up by phone

I don’t believe in using detail scripts because you come across as a robot and a telemarketer but you can ask questions which will lead into the answers your looking for to help that person also you need to be yourself.

When should you call them ? Don’t be desperate to call them straight away give it 24-48 hours this will give them time to watch a training video or read a PDF they have opted in for.


When you got them on phone:

  • Don’t try and sell something on the phone.
  • Open line for example ‘ Hi (Name) this is Chris Spriggs, I seen you opted in for my training and I just wanted to reach out to see if you watch it ‘ – Let them respond next
  • Relax, just think of the lead as a friend or family member.
  • The person put their information into your site so ask ‘Why’
  • The besy way to find out about there problems is by asking questions
  • If they respond in positive way , ask if they have family. Find some common ground
  • Listen ,Listen ,Listen…

‘Network Marketing – How to follow up by phone’

One thing I didn’t cover in video. If you don’t have a answer always leave a voicemail message, the goal of a voice is to get a call back . This is something Ray Hidgon uses all the time ” 3 Step voice message ‘. I will cover this in another video.


Tip – double check the area code before calling the lead , you don’t want to get on wrong side pf person even before speaking to them , use this website to check what part of world they live in.

time difference

Area Codes

Remember when calling leads  and talking to people it’s not about you it’s all about them ! 

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Until then have outstanding day

Chris Spriggs

Me away close up

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