How To Structure A Video

When it comes to getting in front of camera a lot of people freeze or don’t know how to structure a video in a way the flows , can you relate to that ? I know i can when i first started shooting videos and i still do sometimes because know one is perfect !

Shooting your first video is like stepping up off the top diving board in a swimming pool , you think about it too long , you stare over the edge at look at the water and you worry how you look when diving just incase you do a belly flop !!! But the best divers also felt like this on the first dive , but they just jump in and didn’t care how they look.

It’s the same thing when shooting your fist video you think about what you going to say for too long , you just stare at the screen or shoot it 50 times and you are worried about how you look and sound ….yes ?

Well i’m here to tell you know one cares they are after the solution to their problem  as long as you follow this 4 step process you be fine .


4 Simple Steps Process To Shoot A Video 

  1. INTRODUCTION – This shouldn’t take more than a few seconds or a few lines to introduce yourself. You could maybe introduce your website/blog and maybe say thanks for the viewer taking the time to watch.
  2. QUESTION –  is your topic of the video and the answer to that question is explained in the video providing  the content section is to convince the viewer to keep watching and not to browse to the next video. This is achieved by clearly explaining what is the viewers are about to see and  how they can benefit from it.
  3. CONTENT – This is where you are going to explain the solution to the question /topic of the video   that would help other people, make sure you cover the answer and give some good value. If you  are stuck on what to say try looking up other network marketers videos , website / blog ,  magazines, courses you have invest in , webinars and most of all your notes and put your own spin on the content. Do not copy and paste other people content into your website.
  4.  CALL TO ACTION – The value you share with other people is worthless if you don’t have a call to action. The call to action needs to be very specific. It needs to direct people to do one thing , this can be a free giveaway like PDF , Video Training , Report cheat sheet etc . 

See video for example on how to structure the video.

As yo can see anybody can do videos in this 4 step process and it;s a great way to build rapport and trust with your viewers, this will then lead to leads for your business. This strategy along with blogging is one of the top ways to brand yourself , just need to take that jump !


If you got any value from this post I appreciated if you share with others or comment below, I read all comments and reply back.

Until then have outstanding day

Chris Spriggs

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