A lot of people associate “closing” with being pushy and desperate. This is a common misconception and is a turn off for a lot of people that then involves losing the person your talking too.

In my experience over past few years which ‘ i fell in a bad trap of being pushy ‘ is false You can be good at closing without be pushy or your so desperate you become that sales person know one likes ! Can you relate to that ?

Well i going to share a little Network Marketing tip that will help you overcome the pushy person and start becoming a person that pulls people to you when talking to them.
You do this by asking more questions rather then telling them.

Click Here to listen to short audio which explains a simple method.

So as you heard questions an lead to the answer which is either a yes or no. I like give a extra tip which i got from a Ray Higdon course and i’ve found this very helpful.

Question – Were you serious about that? This is a question you would use AFTER they tell you why they might be open. If they say they want to buy a boat, retire their spouse, spend more time with their kids, etc., you can bring that up in a later conversation and ask them if they were serious about that. They will always say yes and it gets them in that yes energy, which is when you want to hit them with the question.

I hope this has help you, leave a comment and let me know.
Until then have outstanding day !
Chris Spriggs

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