Network Marketing Tips: Social Media

Social Media platforms change its rules most of the time but few things you should never stop changing  to help grow you & your brand !

If you have a online or offline business either way Social Media is huge to communicate to people or customers in a personal way,

  1. Plan Your Social Media Marketing Strategy – This is a big one and at first i didn’t have one and wasted so much time so learn from my mistakes, You must plan a strategy because you need one in order to be successful to grow each day to measure yourself from the day before. First of all outline your goals you want to achieve that will take to reach your marketing aims.
  2. Provide Value – If you don’t provide value on Social Media your not going to attract people to you or your brand so your business will be slow or even Fail . Value can be a blog post , video , coaching etc.   Never , Never ever just post links  because 98 % of the time they Don’t Work ,yes you might get one or two people join or buy your products.
  3. Measure your Results – Once you start creating value and following your Marketing strategy you then must measure your results from it . For example if you have a Facebook Page how much interaction is there between you and people, how much like per day / week / month, is your content getting shares , likes and comments. If not you need to look at what your doing and tweak it because if you carry on doing what your doing ‘nothing will change’ and this simple method should be done whatever Social Media you choose to use for online or offline business .

Watch video to see why these methods have help me learn the correct way thats working for me .

As i said in Video we over think sometimes using Social Media Marketing you just need to keep it simple and go for it so that’s why i highly recommend  using this programme to learn .


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Until then have outstanding day !

Chris Spriggs

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