Build relationship first

When you start a business online or offline sales  matters. Yes, money make the world turn and in order to get money, you need sales.

However, sales is not everything. Sales may just go that far but for relationship and getting to know people is the way it goes a long way.

It doesn’t matter if you are network marketer, affiliate marketer, blogger or even offline business you need to socialize, help also trust others . You must listen to people and see if you can help them in anyway to provide value , this why i recommend reading How To Win Friends And Influence People Book because it’s a great way to see from another point of view on how we can do it the right way .


As you seen in the video, i mention the use of our listen skill that we all have but do you really give time to listen to other people when talking ?

To build relationship requires several important parts :

  • Provide value
  • Be genuine / honest (This point is key in my option)
  • Focus in connecting instead of selling

My final question i ask in video – Do we control our mind or does our mind control us ? I like to hear your views on this so leave a comment below.


Until then have outstanding day

Chris Spriggs

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