Overcome Your Fear !

Does your fear stop you from moving forward towards your goals within your business ?

Many network marketers  are scared of learning to use computers and computer software. They have this idea that they can’t do it, that it’s too difficult to set up a blog , do a video , fear of what to say just incase you say the wrong thing ! Overcoming your fear is a big .

Watch my video to see what fears you might have .

Well as you can see my software played up a few times so you must be thinking why didn’t i shoot the video again ? Well it shows nothing goes perfect at times so i left it on !

Fear of Failure – Do you often find yourself procrastinating because you are worried that you won’t succeed? If so, then it’s likely that you have a procrastination problem that is caused by the fear of failure.

Your subconscious mind plays a huge part in procrastination and when this starts you being to fear of doing your actions to reach your daily goals . So how do you overcome this ? My tip would be always take something positive out of a mistake like what you did well before the mistake and  note in down on paper so you learn from it ! The more you do your daily actions the more you improve. As long as your improving each day your moving closer to your goal .

Fear of what others think or say – This could be a big part of your life because  the fear of what other people thought of you had kept you trapped and has it prevented you from reaching your full potential and from enjoying life to its fullest ? I can relate to this because I had a fear of doing video because the way i sound and few words i can’t say after my Stroke/ brain injury but you can’t let fear get the better of you.Think positive and you can do anything you want .

If people are talking behind your back your standing out and making a difference and sometimes other people don’t like difference   or they call a home business a scam, people who call home business a scam really don’t know the industry and closed minded  so personally don’t waste your time trying to convince them into your business. I’ve seen it before because when they see a change in you and your family lifestyle they will be knocking your door .


Overcome Your Fear


Fear of not being experience or expert – this fear literarily stops people from going from nothing to reaching their goals , can you relate to staring at your computer for hour or so and coming up with nothing ? Or you what to get your blog theme perfect before giving value?  Well stop …think about this ‘Were we born a expert ‘ ? Hell no !

I think you’d be surprised to find how many industry leaders started out being techno phobic. But there desire for success was greater than our fear of failure, if you are struggling just outsource it or invest in a system that you can get help from leaders who done it.

What leaders or so called experts did is learnt from courses , tool , training platforms and then passed on what they learnt. Also you can start out answering what people are asking on forum , facebook groups and you can put that into a blog post or video boom you are now teaching other people .

So don’t let these fears stop you from anything goals you have and stop your subconscious mind playing games in procrastination. Like I tell my children ‘ There is no such word as can’t ‘ you ‘can’ do anything you put your mind to !

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Until then have outstanding day

Chris Spriggs

Me away close up

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