‘Personal Development – Why You Need It To Grow Your Business’.

Remember your first ever Job you had, I bet you were nervous because young and didn’t have all the skills….yes so they partnered you with an experienced person to learn.

It’s the same when entering network marketing business you must learn the skills to improve you and business but first you must recognize what area you need to improve in.

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‘Personal Development – Why You Need It To Grow Your Business’.

Once you recognize what you need to improve in you can then take next step, this can either be in getting a coach/ mentor, courses , listening to audios etc.

What I recommend is investing in yourself by getting into a system where you learn all the skills or buy courses that will  improve your skills .

Here are two things you can do to get started:

  1. Spend 30 minutes a day reading motivational books. You can also listen to audio, which is easy to do while in your car.  Keep personal development CDs in my car. Think of how much more you will grow as a person by listening to a learning audio instead of music or talk radio. You can also get your own personal development audios for your mobile device and listen to it when walking dog .
  2. Attend company events and conference calls. Being around like-minded, energized people can make all the difference to you. It’s very motivating to be with people who are achieving MLM success and can show you the way.  They are as important to your personal development plan as reading each day.


Start off with learning and taking action eg, -If you learned how to set up blog  do it and then teach how you did it because many people don’t know how to set up a blog.  Like Ray Higdon said Invest, Learn Teach, this is personal development as well .

Have a daily plan so how much time you can apply in personal development and on your network marketing business . If you want to see where I learn the skills , get leads, mindset and much more look here .


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Chris Spriggs

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