Negative thoughts can make us perceive problems that don’t really exist around us. Negativity can cause us to worry and remove our happiness. The problem though is that many people don’t realize just how negative they have become. It may be such a habit, that they are oblivious to it.

Another part of that problem is that you may be around people that are negative all the time. They can zap your energy if you aren’t careful. You are going to need to make some changes around those types of people to help you move forward and be happy.

You can’t change other people and how they think, but can you advise them??? It’s like Networking; a lot of people are negative about it because they think it’s not real work! But how wrong they are.

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So how can you attack the Negativity, Here a few things you can do:

  • • Pay close attention to how you react to things. If you feel that you are negative with them, change it around. Focus on being optimistic so that you can feel happy. You may be startled  at first as you realize the number of times negative thoughts come into your mind.
  • • Change  to positive every single time.
    • When you start to get down, think about all of the blessing you have in your life. Take a moment each morning to add up the little things that will bring you joy that day
    • Before you go to bed at night, think about the small and big things that occurred that made your day a good one
    • When your mind-set is one that allows you to be grateful then you can get through the hard times
    • Smiling is one of the best ways to feel happier than you do right now. When you smile, others will smile back at you. They are going to see you as someone that they can approach.  They will feel comfortable around. Being kind isn’t hard, it is a choice.
    • Think about all of the positive ways that you have done well at work online or offline
    • By closing your eyes, you can spend some time envisioning what it takes to make you happy. Focusing on the outcome that will develop is a great way to start your day of well. It can  also be a wonderful way to drift off to sleep at night. When you envision what you really want, you can help to make it happen.
  • (This does work: for example….and you will laugh. I  play golf and on first tee I’ve been hitting ball bad. So I thought and vision how to hit the ball and most of all what a person said after a good shot…… the next morning I  step up hit the ball and that person said well done! And that, it pick me up hell of a lot) so it does work!!


So don’t fear mistakes everyone makes mistakes, so don’t think you are the only one. Learn from them, when you talk to someone via Skype, email, phone online don’t hold back just be yourself and talk about networking business and how you can help. Everybody needs help from now and then , just take the positive out of a negative.


Till then have a outstanding day .