Pushy MLM Recruiting vs MLM Recruiting – Which one are you ?

In network marketing we all want a to retire early , nice house and enjoy time with family and have a product that people  use and have a big team …correct ?

Network marketing / MLM can totally change your life for the better but if done in the correct way and this is way you can’t be a pushy when showing products or even recruiting when building a team. You will turn people away !

Whats the difference between the both  – MLM Recruiter is someone who works pretty hard each day using Attraction Marketing to draw people to them and build trust between each other. They add content to there blog  build rapport and give value back . Posting on Facebook and meeting new people through the social media. Looking to help and service other people that like to or work from home in there business .

Pushy MLM Recruiting – Nobody wants to be labelled as pushy, we’re sure you don’t, right? However, in people’s eagerness to recruit, many network marketers fall into that exact trap.Pushing someone to join your MLM network marketing business doesn’t work , for me it’s unprofessional and you push people away also people are tried of them.

Most people hate selling cause when you bring up sales, they think of the sales people in shop who follow you around store !  Pushy MLM distributors who hype things up to get people to join.People are not dumb nowadays.They read about the stories of people being scammed so they are very closed minded at times and put wall up .”Your prospects have a super sensitive “sales” radar that will tell them to run away if you in resemble in anyway a pushy salesperson.


The question you might be thinking is ‘ How do I build a business or team without coming across pushy / salesperson ‘?  

This is a skill that we all can become good at but I wish I knew then what learned now it would have saved time and money (can you relate to this ?).

So what techniques can you use  or what’s the magic script, well lets be honest there’s no magic script that many people in this industry are looking for but there is some techniques you can learn and get better to find the correct people for your product or business.

I like to hear your thoughts on this subject, comment below .

So learning and marketing in the correct way will pay off in the long run believe me . If your are interested to learn how to market online without being pushy i can help and point you in the right direction.

Until then have outstanding day

Chris Spriggs

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