Should You Lead with the Product or the Opportunity?

Are you spilt ?

This question splits the world of network marketing, many don’t focus on customers, they just focus on recruiting, whereas some focus on gaining customers and not recruiting, so where should be the focus ?

At first, you must think what’s the problem …..yes !

Well I explain in video below my view on ‘Should You Lead with the Product or the Opportunity’

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 Like I said in above video I agree with what Eric Worre said in his training video , you can only put in front of what a person looking for. If you want a customer or a business partner/ rep you then must ask the correct questions.

There no point in being pushy or ramming down something a person didn’t want. Like I said you must ask questions to find out their problems , pains or they just want to travel a bit more  and enjoy themselves for example  after finding out the answers  then you can identify if you have the business or product that suits that person . If not point that person in right direction and help out because in the future it could benefit you.

In the end , either way can work for you just identify and think who you’re dealing with, selling to or trying to build business because as a marketer you need to effectively communicate and understand their desires …is it a customer or business !

So Should You Lead with the Product or the Opportunity?

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Chris Spriggs

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