Simple Daily Plan For Home Business And  Family   you frustrated with not having enough quality time while building your home business and sometimes your children run wild while you’re in home office?

If yes well I can relate to that! Well, I share with you a simple tip and strategy which will benefit you as a home business owner and you’re family so you can have more productive time to reach your goals!

Watch the video below on a ‘Simple Daily Plan For Home Business And  Family’

Think about how to involve your children or partner into your daily planning of activities

This simple strategy has help me with my business but most important made my children understand when It’s time for me to build my business. Also, I tested this theory out by stopping planning with children and we saw a big difference with momentum in achieving daily goals.

A simple timetable as shown in the video above which has been laminated so you can use over and over again because most weeks change with children in the house but your work doesn’t!

Work out what activities you want to achieve in that day and week, colour coordinated the activities then ask your children to colour the block of time out on the timetable so they can understand what colour is that activity.

For example Black – Mindset, Visualization , Red –  Learning new Strategies, tips on how to grow audience and business , Green – Branding, Calling, prospects, recruiting. Blue – Family/friends the main one, spending time and switching off from the business.

Another timetable sheet is for you where you can break down time into 15 – 30 minutes slots where it’s deleted work, believe me, this does work so put this into action and you will have more productivity with your business.


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