Social Media Marketing – Self Doubts

Do you sabotage your social media marketing with of your self doubts with your head ?

Today I’m going to give you 3 main doubts and tips on how you can move forward beat your self doubts so you can start using social media.

The people with big lists and large social media followings. As a beginner or taking on a new challenge this can feel hugely intimidating. You may feel there’s nothing to add to this crazy  world of  social media because the big guns have maybe done it !

Why would people listen to you?

That’s certainly what I wondered when I started Social Media  Marketing.

I wasn’t sure what to write about, wasn’t sure if people would want to read my posts . So do you doubt the ability to build an audience and following  and even to have meaningful conversations ?

So how can you cope when self doubt creeps up, threatening to derail your business-building efforts?

Watch video below to see the doubts and how to correct them –

  1. Would I been seen as credible or a have following – To gain creditability or build a following you must open yourself up and tell your story so people can see who behind you. Share your struggles , where you at and most of all you’re vision because then people can relate to you. Very powerful !
  2. Don’t have any results – So what are results ? This could be money , time freedom but what about connecting with 500 people on facebook , twitter etc with your niche (target market) then you can do ‘how to video’s’ , first blog post , first commission , or x amount of leads in a day. These are all result and this will give you creditability to grow your following.
  3.  I Don’t know what to say or content to do – if you haven’t got a blog of video channel yet you can share powerful quotes , other people blog posts where it shows some value/trainings,share courses you learning from or training webinars. You can then share your notes from these courses and webinars, this is again powerful because it gives you the results that leads into you having creditability which will build a following with the ‘social media marketing’ !


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Until then have outstanding day

Chris Spriggs

Me away close up

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