Do you know where to repurpose your videos to get more exposure?

Well stick around, I’ll help you out, I’ll give you a few tips that get more exposure on your videos.

 Welcome to today’s video and blog post. Yes, I haven’t done one of these for a long time for many things, but I’m back now to give some value to the community.  

Right, you’ve taken the time now to get done your video, make sure now when you do a video, it’s in a nice bright place and people can hear you.   Once you’ve uploaded the video to Facebook live, make sure to download it, save it on the computer and then you can repurpose that than in many ways.

Watch video below  ‘ Where to repurpose your  videos’

Why Repurpose Video Content?

  • Improved SEO
  • Better audience targeting
  • Wider distribution
  • More video views

another  way you can repurpose your video with a  website called where you can upload a video, what it does repurpose into an article and you can share that on article sharing websites and slide shows sites, charged $1 for each minute so if you’re video 5mins long it cost $5 and saves lot of time.

As you heard there many ways to attract more people to watch your videos but be mindful of backing up all videos you create.

For example, now, Facebook might shut down. So, you lose all your videos & content so having your own website and blog is a great way to kept videos alive on the internet without losing them and gives you authority.

Where you can upload your video:

  • Facebook page and your group
  • Twitter
  • Google+ group
  • Instagram
  • Blob / Website (Personal Brand)
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Email List Marketing
  • Slideshow sites
  • Articles sites

Find groups that your video can help people and also ask the admin if you can share it. It’s very, very powerful when you share value into groups where you help people.

So, I hope this gives you an insight on where you can repurpose your videos to get more exposure on how to market you and business.  I won’t keep you too long because in the UK the suns out so I’m going back now to do a bit more work.

For the training, if you send me a message or just put a comment below I’ll be happy to send you the training later on today. 

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Until then have outstanding day

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