My Top 5 Must Have WordPress Plugins


Often people get confused when trying to pick the best WordPress plugins amongst so many that are available. I bet you ask  questions like what is the best WordPress plugin for SEO, Social Media, Performance

Not only are there thousands of plugins available, some free and some paid, most plugins act as a way to cut corners without have to design strategies yourself.

WordPress plugins are more of time savers, they keep you from having to design some program to accomplish something so simple as installing  facebook comments or SEO on your page.


Top 5 WordPressPlugins

Have you ever gone to someone else’s blog and said to yourself,   Or you find some fancy side bar gadgets on the side of the blog ? Well it;s probably some kind of WordPress plugins.



Here my must have WordPress Plugins

1 Akismet – helps prevent spam attacks and the annoying trackbacks, this will clean up all those comment and links you don’t need on your website.

The plugin automatically checks comments against the Akismet Web service.

All comments will have a history for users to view that shows which comments were flagged or cleared by Akismet. In addition, those comments that were marked as spam or unmarked by a moderator will be highlighted in the history.

2. Facebook Like Box – this allows you to easily put a faceboox like box in the sidebar or bottom of page on your blog especially if you have a fan page. Good way to capture likes on fan page and audience so you can share your content.

3. Google Analytics – Tracking how and when users visit your site is important if you want your site to gain popularity since it gives you the opportunity to see where you can make improvements to your site. Google Analytics is an excellent tool for this purpose and the Google Analytics + plugin brings this information right to your admin dashboard. Not only can you track visits, page views, bounce rate, average visit duration and referrers, but you can also enable advanced settings to track your site’s demographic and interest for advertising as well as analyze shopping behaviors to boost your products’ performance.

Also, you can easily track statistics for your entire site or network with the quick setup and easy to understand display.

4. Yoast SEO – Yoast’s all in one SEO solution for your WordPress blog: SEO titles, meta descriptions, XML sitemaps & much more

5. Monarch Plugin – This one of few plugins on where you can share content on social media the easy way by one press of button.

These plugins are very good to get your content out in social media world and traffic to blog/website, there many more available you can use but make sure they all work together because too many just conflict .

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What do you consider to be the best  in WordPress plugins? Got any favorites?

If you got any value from this post I appreciated if you share with others or comment below, I read all comments and reply back.

Until then have outstanding day

Chris Spriggs

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