This weekend I’ve been watching a lot of sport and it got me thinking on how much each member of the teams depend on each other to go about their jobs on the pitch, if one person doesn’t make a effort he / she will let down the team ! So what values do you need when working as a team ?   This what i think – Trust  Communication , Honesty , Responsibility,Learning,Attitude, Helping Others, Motivation and Leadership to name a few . If your team and members have the values and ethics you can gain success.


It’s the same when networking online and building a team  to go forward in the business or project you choose to do. You must have good communication with team members and willing to listen as well to set goals and follow them. With all these skills you must take some kind of action and perform each day if you don’t then you fill !  Whether at this moment in time your attitude is positive, negative or somewhere in the middle you can take control of your life and set yourself free! Everyone has potential, the unfortunate thing is that most people go through life and never realize or take advantage of this! But you can with help from other people and that is teamwork !


So believe, share and have a positive mind set in what ever you do in life. Believe me it works ! Have a great day.