Why Blogging Is Important For You And Business

With all the social media platforms these days people say ‘Why Blog’. There a few reason I think having a blog regardless what niche, business online or offline you have because when you just post on social media like Facebook after a while the news feed will push the post away but if you have a blog and use video for marketing they will remain online for years.

What are the benefits of blog

  •  Develop trust and better customer relationship
  • Drive people ( Traffic ) to your blog
  • Set yourself as a leader to provide value
  • It sharpens your skills and builds your confidence

Is blogging a challenge Yes but like everything else you can take on the challenge and get results.

People sometimes struggle when it comes to creating content and i can relate to that because I struggled for a long while then I look at what other top bloggers where doing, they were  answering questions and sharing what works for them and giving value. I did have help with a system i highly recommend thats work for me and its MLSP this gives you the training that can help you.

Where can you find content for your blog ? I use these ways that helps to create content:

  • Warrior Forum – look at what people post, thy ask question like how do i set up a blog or how can i make money etc. You can use these question for your blog, answer them  in a video
  • Articles – if you do some research in articles directories and see what people are writing about, this should give you ideas.  ezine articles , go articles 
  • Blogs – Search for top 5-10 blogs and type them in alexa.com and see how much traffic they get if they get high amount of traffic have a look at what there content is but don’t copy them just have some ideas and put your own spin on blog post.

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Until then have outstanding day

Chris Spriggs

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