People ask me this question and say why you bother Networking ? And i go why not ? They can’t answer back !


Over the years Network, Networking , Internet Marking , MLM , PPC etc etc have gotten a bad name …. Why ? because people don’t understand it or people just want a quick rich programme that never is there ! So they bad month it.


Well my vision of network or networking is simple, i like doing it because i meet and talk to people who i would never meet from all over the world from my home and i help people who  also they help me because you never to young or to old to learn each day.

So here are my little tips/ advice for Networking and building your profile:

 1– The more you engage on social media sites (Google +, Facebook, Twitter,forums,blogs ) and promote your website’s content, the more SEO value you potentially generate for your site and yourself.

2- You probably know this but don’t spam people with links links links because your credit will go down quick.  Just be honest and open about what ever your doing, because you will get catch out !

3 – Use Skype  for communication, it build trust to talk live. Build’s your profile quick .

4 – Listen to what other people say and find out if you can help them , it goes a long way  Treat everyone with respect and dignity.

5 – Have Confidence within yourself when talking to people over Skype, phone, forums , social media and have fun doing it. If you made mistake just learn by it…we all do mistakes everyday……well i do !!!!!


Every person has a skill, its finding that skill and using it. Take action and enjoy it, that’s why i network !